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My name is Lance and my site is dedicated to providing a simple, powerful and authentic approach to Lyme Disease education and treatment. I operate within “The Association of Natural Healing and Knowledge Sharing.” Members in this association have accessed some of the most visual and accurate blood analysis and have relieved themselves of Lyme Disease + Co-Infections using all natural herbal remedies. 

I have one mission with this website:

To share my journey of suffering, hope and recovery with others who are in a battle for their health. My aim is to take a complex and debilitating disease and to educate people in a simple, powerful and authentic way. My journey is 3 fold:

Struggle...I can empathize in a compassionate way with others as I have personally suffered with this illness.

HopeThere were many times in my journey when I felt completely hopeless. After battling months and years with suicidal thoughts from Lyme Disease, I aspire to bring hope to those who are suffering.

Recovery...My recovery came to me in the least likely of places…and it gave me back my life. I am passionate about educating people about this disease and about sharing what has worked for me and others in this association to put our Lyme Disease symptoms behind us.

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is the name that is given to the chronic infection which is caused by the bacteria Borellia Burgdorferi. The disease was first discovered in the town of Lyme, Conneticut when many children were presenting with symptoms of arthritis. Upon further investigation, the underlying cause was a bacterial infection, and thus the discovery of “Lyme Disease” was born.

Awareness around this illness is growing rapidly, but there is still much work to be done. We are seeing this disease’s ability to manifest symptoms in nearly every part of the body; often mimicking well known diseases both neurological and psychological. It’s no wonder that Lyme Disease is often referred to as “The Great Imitator.”

The bacteria that causes Lyme Disease (Borellia Burgdorferi) is called a “Spirochete” bacteria because of its origional shape which resembles a corkscrew. This allows the bacteria to essentially drill its way into any tissue/organ in the human body. This very closely represents the Syphillis bacteria; which is also a spirochete. Syphillis has been well documented to affect every tissue of the human body, and especially the brain.

The Borellia Burgdorferi bacteria (Lyme Disease) has a very advanced survival instinct and can take on many other forms besides the spirochete. These include but are not limited to: the “mutant” form (a straightened version of the spirochete), the “cyst” form (a round version of the bacteria that presents itself in response to any threat, the “granular” form, which is a fractioned form of the spirochete, as well as a few other forms.

Lyme Disease is very elusive, not only to the bodies immune system, but also to most modern forms of testing. Although there is a great level of awareness arising around this illness, it is still very misunderstood. Many people who suffer with Lyme Disease are often misdiagnosed and not properly treated.

Many people associate Lyme Disease with being bit by a tick and developing the classic “bullseye rash.” However, not everyone who is bit by a tick carying Lyme Disease develops the rash. Many people who develop Lyme Disease do not even remember getting bit by a tick,

This bacteria has the ability to essentially lie dormant in our bodies for an extended period of time until an opportune time where symptoms begin to manifest. This could be a traumatic event, a weakened immune system, or just time in general.

World leading pathologists are now discovering that the Borellia Burgdorferi bacteria can be carried and transfered through tears, saliva, sexually, through mosquitos and even through birth if the mother carries the infection.

Lyme Disease often does not travel alone, and often carries with it what are known as “co-infections.” Bartonella, Babesia, and Mycoplasma are a few examples. Each can present unique symptoms and add a layer of complexity to an already complicated illness.

Before my world was turned upside down when I became symptomatic in 2013, I never would have believed that such a complex and debilitating illness could exist. I was sure that if something like this existed, the whole medical community would know about it, that they would know who to diagnose it, and how to treat it. Unfortunately I was wrong.

Please take some time to browse this website, along with my blog posts. I have spent years battling this disease and wading through the enourmous emount of information that is out there.

The content of this wesbite is aimed at exposing the truth about this illness and to offer information and treatment options in as simple and authentic of a way as I know how. I believe in wholistic health: mind, body, soul and spirit. May we share in good health together

-Lance H

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