My Personal Journey


Lance Huget
My name is Lance Huget, I am married and the proud father of two awesome boys: Levi & Mackenzie. This page outlines my journey of suffering, hope and recovery which has inspired me to create Lyme Natural Healing

In the Spring of 2013 I experienced a horrific and perplexing downward spiral of my health. At this time I was a healthy young adult; married with one son. I was happy, healthy, working full time and operating a part-time internet business. I began to experience strange symptoms both physically and mentally that quickly became debilitating.

It began with intermittent full body muscle fatigue. I also began to experience heart palpitations. After a visit to my doctor and some blood work I was referred to a neuro-muscular specialist and was also sent off for some routine heart tests. Everything came back normal and I tried to dismiss my symptoms as being related to stress. After a few more months, my health began to deteriorate rapidly.

Almost daily I began to experience bouts of extreme malaise and fatigue. I wasn’t able to clearly describe what I was feeling, but my whole body felt toxic. I remember on a few occasions I would be feeling somewhat fine, and then within a matter of minutes I would feel like a bus ran me over. I clearly remember an instance of extreme fatigue where I felt like I was glued to the couch and I began to sob uncontrollably as I began to feel my mind and body betray me.

It was around this time that other symptoms began to manifest. My ears started to ring all the time (tinnitus). This followed me for almost a year straight 24/7. I slept with a fan on every night to help drown out the ringing. When the tinnitus began, so did the extreme anxiety. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to experiencing anxiety to varying degrees at different point in our lives. I did have a history of anxiety and panic attacks, but this was different. I would wake up in the morning shaking uncontrollably from anxiety, although I was not anxious about anything in particular.

I was also sent to a neurologist and had an MRI done due to persistent numbness and tingling in my body. Although these symptoms were troubling, what really began to take a toll was my mental state. I began to feel like I was going crazy. Then the brain fog came. At first it would come and go, but eventually it lingered and wouldn’t go away.

I couldn’t seem to control my thoughts and I felt like I was loosing my mind. I made another appointment with my Doctor. I told him what I was experiencing, and I was told that these were all signs of depression. I walked out with a prescription for an antidepressant.

Within a week I had to quit my full-time job. I started to have horrendous insomnia, to the point where my brain felt like it forgot how to sleep. I went three days and three nights without any sleep before I got multiple prescriptions for sleeping pills.

As the summer of 2013 came into full swing, and most families were starting to enjoy the nice weather and time off work, I continued to very tangibly feel my life go further and further down a deep dark hole that I didn’t know existed. I felt walled in on every side.

My whole body felt exhausted, yet agitated. My vision was blurry, my mind was foggy, anxiety and depression became a very close but unwelcome companion. Suicidal thoughts began to flood me constantly. I would have dozens and dozens of thoughts daily. I was struggling to get through every minute of the day and when night time came, I wanted nothing more than to disappear into sleep. But severe insomnia greeted me every night. My wife and I turned to many places for answers. Psychiatrists, naturopaths, diet change etc.

As the weeks and months continued, my short terms memory began to fade. Rapidly. This was very frightening. My grip on reality began to loosen as events that happened hours ago seemed to disappear into a dark cloud.

In the fall of 2013, I was admitted to the psychiatric ward of my local hospital where I was held for 30 days. My symptoms seemed to worsen daily. I experienced a host of neurological issues, but it was my mind that was hit the hardest. I truly felt like I was going insane and that I was coming down with some form of early adulthood dementia.

During my time in the hospital I also began to develop a new symptom: Exploding Head Syndrome. Now to be fair, it’s not as dangerous as it sounds. It is basically a sleep abnormality where you are startled out of your sleep by what sounds like a VERY loud bang coming from inside your head. Some people liken this experience to the sound of a shotgun or a bomb going off inside their head. Very unpleasant.

Following my discharge from the hospital, I continued to do research which eventually led me to a local naturopath that specializes in Lyme Disease and other chronic infections. I had studied Lyme Disease but was overwhelmed at the thought of treatment. I learned that this infection could mimic a large variety of conventional illnesses both physical and mental.


Out of desperation and lack of other options, I started to take a broad spectrum antibiotic daily as well as multiple herbal tinctures that were meant to target a co-infection of Lyme Disease: Bartonella.

After a few months of being on antibiotics and herbs, I started to feel like I was getting my life back. My memory and sleep improved. My mood began to stabilize. My fatigue and neurological issues started to die down. It was as if someone began to turn the lights back on in my life. I started to taper off the many psychiatric medications I was on. I finally felt like I was targeting the root cause of my “mystery illness”


My symptoms never did fully go away, but I became healthy enough to return to work full time. After being nearly bedridden for 10-12 months, exhausted and on the brink of insanity, I was eager to return to a normal life. I started my own cabinet company and worked successfully earning contracts and creating some great revenue. I couldn’t believe that my life was returning to normal!

Unfortunately this season was short lived. 18 months later I found myself in a full blown relapse with my symptoms coming back 10x faster than before. I desperately tried to combat this and started on three powerful antibiotics as well as a cupboard full of herbs and supplements. In a matter of weeks, my life fell back into the deep dark pit that I had clawed my way out of just 18 months prior.


It was in this moment of great desperation and need that I found my miracle. My doctors and psyciatrists weren’t able to help me. Long term antibiotics only offered limited and temporary relief.

Through a referral from a family member I met up with a natural healer in my local area who provided me with an incredibly visual and accurate blood analysis. This was the first time I was educated on the role of bio-films and their role in chronic infections. This man poured into me countless hours of knowledge around the disease. He infused me with hope, encouragement and provided me access to a simple yet powerful all natural approach to putting my Lyme Disease into long term remission. The relief I felt to actually be able to see with my own eyes, the bacteria and pathogens in my blood that were wreaking havoc on me was indescribable. Kevin assured me that I was in good hands and that everything would be alright. I became educated on just how persistent, dangerous and evasive this bacteria could be. All those months of taking antibiotics was only killing some of the bacteria, while the majority of it was adapting and creating larger bio-films to protect itself until an opportune time came to take control of my body again.

For the first time in many years I felt true hope. Kevin operates out of “The Association of Natural Healing and Knowledge Sharing” which is a free association to join. Kevin only works with members in this association who have signed and dated the client waiver. He does not operate in public domain like other Holistic Health Practioners. He is a certified Pathologist/Live Blood Tech, however he only speaks in his opinion and doesn’t diagnose or prescribe anything to clients. Any client within the association who follows what other members have done is doing so at their own risk. However, they can expect to have similar positive results!

Kevin has a vast knowledge in plant medicine and explained to me how this bacteria needs to be hit with multiple weapons and that we need to carefully monitor our bodies response to treatment, as things can get worse before they become better. (A Herx reaction)

I followed this affordable and simple protocol religiously and made the necessary diet and lifestyle changes. Month by month I began to feel better and was able to to see in every new live blood analysis that the bacteria was dying off and that the bio-films were beginning to disintegrate.

I am now working full time in a demanding job, I have 2 amazing young boys and my mental and physical health is better than it ever has been.


Simply put, my mission is to use my health struggles and journey to wellness in order to educate people who are suffering from Lyme disease in a clear and authentic way. If I can share my journey of suffering, hope and wellness with others and bring hope and healing, then my mission will be complete. My aim is to take a complex illness and simplify the process of getting assessed and treated in an affordable, natural and powerful way.


To alleviate the suffering of those who are dealing with chronic infections and other “mystery health issues.” I spent 100’s of hours of research and $1000’s of dollars to get well, but I believe that through my personal journey with Lyme Disease and the treatments I used to get well, I can simplify the process of discovering and treating blood borne pathogens that lead to a wide array of health issues. Please continue to navigate this website and take a look at the products that we offer and stand by that have made all the difference in my journey to wellness.

All the best,

Lance Huget